Sun Senses

Terms of Booking

Please carefully read and review the terms of booking before using Villa Sun Senses website.
Terms of Booking

Cancelation of apartment or room reservation

A customer must: a) Accept the apartment that has been reserved by himself/herself or by a delegate, unless it is invalid accordingly to the purchase order. B) Keep the reserved apartment until the time of departure. Otherwise, he/she must compensate with the half price of the total fee for the rest days that have not been used.

If there is a notice from the customer to the hotelier at least 60 days before, then he/she is exempt from compensation and the hotelier is obliged to immediately refund any deposit he/she has received. If the cancellation takes place within 60 days, then the customer will be charged 50% of the amount and if it does not appear at all 100% of the amount will be charged. The above also applies if the customer did not come to the hotel on the specified date, except in cases of superior violence, evidenced by irrefutable facts or evidence.

Hours of arrival and departure

The day of arrival is calculated in full in terms of rent, regardless of the time of arrival. The day of departure is not counted, but the customer is obliged to evacuate the room until 10:30.

The customer must inform about the time of arrival.

Security issues

After the customer arrives at the hotel, he/she must protect his/hers personal & valuable items. The apartment’s manager will not be held responsible under any circumstance for any loss of the customer’s personal & valuable items. Additionally, the apartment’s manager is not responsible for any damage or loss to the customer’s personal or valuable items, due to force majeure (earthquake, fire etc.)


Children of all ages are accepted.

Children aged 13 years and over are considered adults.